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Putting Together Your Disaster Kit

One of the biggest factors that can influence your potential out of pocket costs when you compare home insurance quotes is the disaster readiness of your home. Taking certain preventative measures with the aim of minimizing the impact of Mother Nature’s fury is critical, and can save you a significant amount of money in premiums. But sometimes, disaster-proofing your home has less to do with minimizing damage and more to do with caring for the safety of those who dwell within.

The most effective way of doing this is by putting together a disaster kit for your home. This way, regardless of the level of damage that your house sustains, you and your family will have the necessary tools to make it through any natural disaster until help arrives.

• According to FEMA, you should be well stocked in six items: water, food, first aid, clothes/bedding, tools, and emergency supplies.

• Keep everything listed above in an easily accessible and portable container that you can take with you if you have to evacuate your home. It won’t do you any good to keep each of the six items scattered throughout different parts of your home if you’ve got to leave in a hurry. Consider keeping everything in a large duffel bag or a plastic bin.

• Store enough water to provide a gallon per day per person in your family, for up to three days. Water should be kept in plastic bottles.

• For food, only store items that are non-perishable and that won’t need any refrigeration. Canned goods should only be the type that can be eaten cold. Also, bear in mind any special dietary needs of your family members who may not be able to subsist on crackers and trail mix for three full days.

• Emergency supplies should include a flashlight and spare batteries, a battery operated radio (also with spare batteries), paper towels, toilet paper, prescription meds, and any additional supplies that apply – like baby food, diapers, or dog food for your pets.

Having a ready-made emergency kit in your home won’t have any impact on your dollar estimates when you compare home insurance quotes, but it will give you peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll be prepared. Don’t forget to read plenty of home insurance reviews and check home insurance ratings before picking a specific carrier, especially since doing so might just tip you off to discovering certain providers that have had a spotted history paying claims after natural disasters. Insurance companies with higher ratings may cost you more, but if it means you’ll be better protected, it’s money well spent.

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