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Pay As You Drive Auto Insurance Spreads to Major Providers

People love pay-per-use plans, especially those who don’t “use” very often but still require certain vital services from time to time. There are pay per view cable TV services, pay per minute cell phone services, but up until recently there have never been any pay as you drive auto insurance plans, at least not on a wide scale. Thankfully, however, this is changing—an encouraging news bulletin that will likely have you comparing car insurance quotes faster than you can say “It’s about darn time!”

If you’re a historian or current events fanatic, you can thank the good state of Texas for pioneering the move. All the way back in 2001, Texas lawmakers passed legislature allowing auto insurance providers the option of offering the pay as you drive option—a truly odd state to use as a testing ground, considering that it’s known for its vast, endless roadways. But with the state of California leaping into the ring with similar legislation in 2010, the idea has taken healthy root and is spreading.

In early 2011, the pay as you drive option became available on a national level (although not across the board in all states) by several leading auto insurance providers, and consumer advocates say it’s only a matter of time before the services are made available in every state.

The emergence of services like the pay as you drive option underline the importance of reviewing your coverage on a scheduled basis, and comparing car insurance quotes regularly to make sure that if your insurance plan isn’t catered to your needs, it soon will be. For an accurate car insurance quote on pay as you drive coverage, visit

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