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My Claim was Denied, What Can I Do?

When your insurance claim is denied, you shouldn't think of it as the end of the line. Statistics show that approximately 10% of insurance claims are unjustly denied, yet only 1% of insurance holders ever dispute a claim denial. If you feel strongly about your denied claim, don't give up. There are plenty of options available that can still get you the compensation you need with just a little more effort. If your insurance agent hasn't already done so, insist on a written explanation of why your claim was denied. It is illegal for an insurance company to not provide you with a written explanation, and their failure to do so could indicate suspicious behavior.

If your insurance company does supply you with a written explanation, compare it with the stipulations in your insurance policy. It's possible that you insurance company interpreted a policy agreement differently than you would have. If you feel like your insurance company acted unfairly, request a reconsideration of your claim according to your interpretation of the policy. Your insurance company may claim there was a filing error that prevented them from accepting your claim. Missing a deadline or failing to present all of the information is not adequate grounds for denying your claim. Your insurance company would have to make a valid argument that your late or insufficient filing resulted in an inability to investigate the case.

Do research in the area to determine if your claim was valid. For example, if you were in a car accident and your insurance claim was denied because of the amount you requested for repairs, talk to mechanics and other automobile experts in your area to determine an adequate price to repair your vehicle. If it fits your claim, then your case is validated. Finally, be persistent about your case. Call your insurance company as much as you need to and request to speak to representatives high up in the corporate ladder. Be sure to record the names and times of any telephone calls that took place. In most cases, your persistence will pay off.

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