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Knowing What to Look For in Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Online auto insurance quotes are easy to find. But landing the guaranteed lowest insurance rate isn’t as easy. Sure, you can focus all of your attention on finding the company that’ll promise you the least amount of money out of pocket, but are you sure you’re getting exactly what you need and not undershooting—or overshooting? Here are a few tips to help you know what to look for when shopping for online auto insurance rates, and where to look for potentially hidden discounts.

  • Know what you need going into it. Depending on where you live, your state will have certain minimum car insurance requirements that you have to adhere to by law—otherwise suffer the monetary and legal ramifications. Check with your local DMV if you’re unsure. Your state of residence isn’t the only third party that has a say in what kind of car insurance you need to have. If you’ve got an auto loan through a bank or credit union, they’ll more than likely require that you carry full coverage insurance since the car is legally “theirs” until you make final payment. What you need will have a great impact on how much you end up paying for your car insurance.
  • Find out if the insurance company offers any discounted online auto insurance rates for group affiliations. You could qualify for any number of discounts by proving your affiliation with certain organizations. The types of organizations that are given discounts depend on the insurer, but often cover a vast multitude of industries like credit unions, colleges, alumni associations, fraternities, sororities, federal employee associations, attorney organizations, military (both active duty and non-active duty), accounting companies, financial companies, medical companies, technical organizations, and scientific organizations.
  • Look for package deals. Many companies that offer car insurance also offer other types of insurance—from homeowners insurance, to renters insurance, to life insurance. If you have an existing policy in either of these categories, check online auto insurance rates with the company you’re already doing business with as they’ll probably be able to offer you substantial savings for adding car insurance. Unless you’re either a renter with no need for renters insurance or someone who’s not yet interested in a life insurance policy, your best bet is to bundle your policies. This is where your biggest savings will be found. If you’re dissatisfied with your current homeowners or life insurance company and don’t want to add auto insurance with them, consider taking all of your business to another company before signing on with an insurer that only provides car insurance.
  • Know what you’re worth. That may sound like the opening line of a pep talk from a self-help book, but it’s actually solid advice. Just as you shouldn’t go into a bank asking for a car or home loan without knowing your credit rating, you shouldn’t approach the search for online auto insurance quotes unprepared. Auto insurers look at a number of factors including your gender, your driving record, the type of car you drive, and even where you live when determining your rates. Keeping all of these dynamics in mind will help you ascertain a better idea of the kind of premiums you’ll pay for auto insurance.

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