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Kids Moving Out? Time to Compare Home Insurance!

For most parents, the day their son or daughter moves out is bittersweet. For the first time in years, parents have their homes to themselves. And when a major change like this happens, it’s important to compare homeowner insurance policies from a number of companies to make sure you get the best deal for your new situation.

Compare Home Insurance Rates for Couples
When your son or daughter moves out, your practical and financial circumstances change. Most carriers offer lower rates for couples than for families, so be sure to compare home insurance for couples with the rates you were paying when your child lived with you. However, if your son or daughter is moving to a college dorm, you might want to compare home insurance policies to find out which allows you to keep your child on your policy, rather than getting a separate—and often costlier—policy.

Evaluate Your Assets
When your kids move out, it’s a smart idea to take a good look at your possessions. Many people gain more valuable assets over time, and before you compare home insurance, it’s important to know how much your possessions are worth and how much it would cost to replace them. For example, if you’ve inherited precious heirlooms, invested in art, or built a state-of-the-art sound studio in your home, you should make sure to compare home insurance policies to find out which offers the best rates.

Property Maintenance
If you’re like most responsible homeowners, you maintain your property so it’s always in good condition. However, when you compare home insurance, pay attention to your maintenance responsibilities in each policy. Remember, if you fail to do due diligence, your insurance carrier can refuse to pay a claim if you’re proven to be negligent.

Compare Home Insurance for a Smaller Home
If you’re moving to a smaller home after your kids move out, now’s the time to compare home insurance. It’s best to request a quote from your current insurance carrier first, because there are oftentimes discounts for long-time customers. Make sure the quote reflects the fact that your child won’t be living with you anymore. Then compare home insurance quotes from other companies as well and see which gives you the best coverage with affordable premiums and a reasonable deductible.

Compare Home Insurance from Seven or Eight Companies
Request free quotes from a number of carriers to compare home insurance to your current carrier. Get at least seven or eight different quotes so you have a good idea of what is out there. The most convenient way to request multiple quotes is with AgentInsure, one of America’s leaders in insurance comparison. AgentInsure can put you in touch with a licensed insurance agent local to you, who is qualified to help you compare home insurance, answer all your questions, and advise you on how to save cash on your premiums and deductibles while still maintaining the best coverage possible.

If all else fails and the insurance company still doesn’t pay as per the decision of the arbiter, your last resort is to go to court. This is where things can start getting particularly expensive, especially for you since you’ll not only have to worry about attorney’s fees, but also costly court fees. In this case, weigh your options carefully. The last thing you want is to spend $5000 taking your auto insurer to court just to recoup an additional $3000.

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