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Japan Quake Reminds Us All About the Need for Adequate Home Insurance Coverage

Shopping for home insurance these days is easy, a fact that begs the question: why are so many people underinsured? Finding online resources that will quote home insurance costs in a fraction of the time it would take to visit an insurance office in person, or even pick up the phone and talk to an agent about your options, is commonplace. And yet consumers seem to be more content to ramp up their level of coverage on their cars than they do their homes.

According to insurance experts and those in the know, much of it has to do with perception: consumers typically perceive their cars as being at higher risk than their homes, simply because they’re mobile. This is a misconception that could find many people in deep financial water in the event of the unthinkable.

Insurance companies are urging homeowners not to wait, pointing to the recent earthquake in Japan and other natural disasters throughout the world as evidence that nature can strike at any moment—and proper insurance when that happens is of paramount importance.

If you’re concerned that your coverage may not be enough, contact your homeowners insurance company to find out where you stand. Once you’ve determined you want to raise your level of coverage, get a free insurance quote online from other insurance companies that service your area. See how their terms and costs stack up against what your current insurer can offer you.

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