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How Do I Make a Claim Inquiry Without it Counting Against Me?

Unless you have a relative in insurance, it can be incredibly difficult to determine what the outcome of your filed claim might be. Since there are such high stakes involved, all policy holders should strive to be as cautious as possible when it comes to filing a claim. There is no guarantee that your claim will be approved, and a denied claim can have serious detrimental effects on your insurance premium as well as your overall standing with the insurance company. Because of these high stakes, making claim inquiries with your insurance company can be a positive way of determining your likelihood for approval without actually jumping into the claim filing process.

You should always approach the situation cautiously. Seek out the help and advice of professionals in your area as an independent first to determine the validity of your claim. For example, if your home has just been through a hurricane and you have noticed significant wear on the roof, you might want to ask a roofing professional how severe the damage is. Get multiple opinions to better support your argument. Take photographs of the roof as well and keep these on file in case you need them if you choose to file the claim.

Next, you should schedule a meeting with your insurance agent. Make it clear that you are asking their advice on the situation without hinting at filing a claim. If there is sufficient evidence that the roof has been damaged and your policy covers the incident that caused the damage, there is no reason why your situation doesn't at least deserve consideration. If you present your insurance agent with the evidence, this indicates that you are not just frivolously filing a claim. Your insurance agent is likely to respect your diligence on the matter and cautious approach to the filing process, which negate the idea that you are a risky policy holder for the company.

If confronting your own insurance agent makes you uncomfortable, you can even approach an agent at another company to inquire about the likelihood of your claim being approved. Although insurance companies have different standards, this inquiry can provide you with good insight regarding your situation.

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