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How Do I Fix Incorrect Claim Information?

Filing an incorrect claim can not only put your in jeopardy of being denied, but could even result in greater trouble such as lawsuits for insurance fraud. As soon as you realize your claim information is incorrect, you should contact your insurance agent immediately. Your insurance will be able to halt the filing process as soon as possible and may prevent the claim from fully processing. From there, you can take a few different routes to correct your mistake.

If the mistake is relatively small and the filing process was in the early stages, you can probably get away with editing the information and providing documentation that correct what was incorrect on the claim. Although this may be the easiest route, it might put your claim at risk of a quick denial simply because it complicates the information and brings an air of suspicion to the case. If the claim is for minor compensation, you may be willing to take this risk just to save time and effort.

On the other hand, for a serious claim or a significant error, your insurance agent may suggest canceling it all together and filing a new claim with the correct information. This can eliminate any complications that might arise from the previous claim and can also increase your chances of getting approved. When correcting wrong information on a claim, it is always best to support the correct information with as much evidence as possible.

For example, say you were in an automobile accident and filed a claim for repair of minor damages to the body of the vehicle, but later discovered trauma to the engine or framework of the car. Naturally, you would have to adjust your claim for additional funding to repair more serious damages to the car, but would probably look suspicious if you added this after filing. To lend credibility to your argument, obtain official statements from a few mechanics in your area testifying that the damage to your vehicle was a result of the collision. That way, your corrected file will look less like an attempt at committing insurance fraud and more like an honest mistake.

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