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Frequently Asked Questions About Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

If you’ve just bought a new car and you’re thinking about comparing auto insurance quotes with a comparison website, you probably have some questions about how comparison sites work. We’ve taken some of the mystery out of comparing auto insurance quotes online by listing the top ten FAQs about comparison websites below.

Does comparing auto insurance quotes online cost anything?

No, it doesn’t. All you have to do to receive your comparative auto quotes is fill out the information requested on the comparison site’s online form and select the insurance carriers you’re interested in.

How do I know I can trust the comparison site?

Most sites for comparing auto insurance quotes from well-known companies are entirely trustworthy, and even if you don’t recognize the insurance carriers represented on the site, it can still be reliable. However, it’s always smart to check a comparison site’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau and consumer review websites before comparing auto insurance quotes.

Will I get the best insurance rates with a comparison website?

Though there’s no guarantee that comparing auto insurance quotes online will result in the best rates, chances are that you can take advantage of special offers and discounts you won’t get by going directly to an insurance carrier.

What if I have questions after comparing auto insurance quotes online?

After comparing auto insurance quotes, you’ll receive an email with the contact details of a qualified insurance agent in your area who you can contact with any questions.

What do I do if I made a mistake filling out my information?

If you’ve made a mistake filling out your information, or if you want to select different options for comparing auto insurance quotes, all you have to do is start over and fill out the correct information to receive new quotes.

Do comparison sites offer quotes from every insurance carrier?

No, they don’t. When comparing auto insurance quotes online, it’s important to find which insurance carriers a comparison site represents to see if it has the insurance carriers you’re interested in.

Will I receive calls about my quotes?

Generally, you won’t receive any calls after comparing auto insurance quotes online unless you specifically request to be called by clicking on that option after you’ve filled out your information.

Can I apply for insurance immediately after comparing auto insurance quotes?

Yes. Most comparison sites allow you to apply online, request a call from a customer representative, or give you the phone number of an insurance agent you can contact at your convenience.

Can I change an existing policy on comparison website?

No, you can’t. You’ll have to contact your insurance carrier directly if you need to make changes to an existing policy.

Can comparing auto insurance quotes help me decide what type of coverage to get?

Yes, it can. For example, if you realize after comparing auto insurance quotes that you can afford more coverage or different coverage options than you originally thought, you can see which additional coverage you can afford.

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