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Four Ways to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

In the current economy, most people are looking to save money wherever they can. And though skimping on your car insurance is never recommended, a periodic review of your car insurance and comparison with other online insurance quotes is always a good idea. Follow these four ways to save money on your car insurance:

  • Request some online insurance quotes to find out how your marital status affects your car insurance. If you’re recently married, you can probably use one single car insurance policy at a lower rate than two separate policies. Likewise, if you’re going through a divorce and you’re the only one driving your car, you can likely get a rate reduction by taking your ex-spouse off the policy. Remember to compare the online insurance quotes with your existing policy.
  • How often you drive affects your insurance rates. If you’ve started working at home, or if you’ve recently retired, always review your car insurance policy to see if your premium can be reduced. Again, online insurance quotes can be helpful to determine whether it’s worth switching insurance carriers.
  • If you carpool to get to work faster, you might want to reconsider. Carrying passengers on a regular basis hikes your premiums. Request a few online insurance quotes to see if other companies offer you a better rate for carpooling, or request online insurance quotes to see how much you'd pay for only driving yourself.
  • If you’re adding a young driver to your policy, your rates will go up. But if your teenager’s driving his or her own car, find out how much money you can save by requesting online insurance quotes for multi-car discounts.


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