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Do you Need Full Insurance Coverage on High Mileage Cars? What are my options?

Car owners with high mileage automobiles are often torn on how to proceed with their coverage. Thanks to online comparison tools that allow owners to look at different insurance companies, consumers can see some of their options. Yet, the questions still remain on what the best course of action is in regards to insuring a high mileage car.

There are some choices that make sense for most people in this situation. A look at general advice and some options can help you make the right choice. Ultimately, talking to your insurance agent can give you the personalized advice that you need.

General Points on Insuring High Mileage Cars

For the majority of high mileage car owners, obtaining full insurance coverage isn’t necessary. Some points can shed some light on this traditional advice:

  • Comprehensive coverage is generally not needed for high mileage cars, since a claim made could surpass the value of the vehicle. If this happened, for insurance purposes, the vehicle is totaled.
  • Collision insurance is similarly not normally needed for high mileage cars. While you would likely want to obtain protection in case you need a tow and a rental car – since high mileage cars may break down more often – a lot of coverage may simply not be necessary.

In many cases, the value of a car with high mileage is not high. Thus, it would seem counter intuitive to obtain a great deal of protection for a car that may not justify the cost of that type of insurance.

Special Cases – And Your Individual Needs

Some high mileage cars may need full insurance. This would be the case for a car that is highly valuable, or an owner who simply can’t afford a replacement in the event of a crash, for instance.

While some of the above points may be acted upon, ultimately, this is a matter that varies by case. You may not have the same needs as another person with a high mileage car. This is why it’s crucial to talk to your auto insurance agent about your options and your specific needs – so that you can go through what is best for you.

Perhaps you have special needs that would justify additional insurance. From a valuable car to expensive electronic accessories, there are plenty of scenarios that would go against the general advice for such a question. It all depends on your situation, comfort levels, and more that are crucial to making the best decision.

Investigate your options by generating a quote online on this website which will help you figure out what may be best for you, and any questions you may have along the way. This will help you make the right decision to insuring your high mileage car.

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