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Do I Need a Local Agent?

One of the questions many people have when they're looking for insurance is whether they need a local agent or whether they can just get insurance online. When they buy over the internet they never meet an agent in person, and they might not be able to ask all of their questions right away. Buying online means they might not even have an agent that's actually assigned to the, and they will only deal with whoever answers the phone or the email when they need to get in touch with the company.

However, needing a local agent is really a thing of the past. So much can be done over the internet by the big insurance companies that there's usually no need to focus on working one on one with an agent in your local area. You should also consider that you can certainly have an agent even if he or she isn't local. Many insurance companies now offer agents to help their customers online. There are also independent agents that will work with customers and give them quotes from a large number of different companies.

It doesn't matter where that agent is located, and he or she doesn't have to be local to your area for you to get great coverage. Mostly, having a local agent anymore is a matter of preference. Some people feel more comfortable with a person they can talk to right there in their town. Other people aren't concerned about that, and they just want to get the best deal from a reputable company. As long as they have good insurance coverage, they aren't necessarily concerned about where their agent is located.

If you have specialized needs or concerns about your insurance, you may want to work with a local agent that can assist you. Other than that, though, you can choose a company you're comfortable with and get your insurance online or over the phone. You won't have to use the services of a local agent for most insurance needs.

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