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Clogged Rain Gutters Partly to Blame for Increased Home Insurance Premiums

It’s not something that many homeowners think about, especially as the winter months approach and the threat of snowy days drives us deeper into our cloisters. But what’s in your house’s rain gutters could have a huge impact on your ability to land affordable home insurance—especially if damage to your home from ice dams causes you to activate your home insurance coverage plan.

According to home maintenance experts, ice dams can cause a great deal more damage to homes than people think. Ice dams form during snowy and icy conditions, where backed up ice melt from your roof is prevented from draining completely due to debris clogging up your gutters. Over time, this can cause water to seep into the roof and walls of your home—and as a result of filing an insurance claim, you may wind up seeing a few more dollar signs on your yearly home insurance coverage bill.

To head off damage, homeowners are urged to clear their gutters of debris at least once per year before the arrival of ice and snow. Doing so can go a long way to ensuring affordable home insurance.

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