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Everyone knows it pays to shop around and compare auto insurance quotes before coughing up their hard earned money for coverage. But unless a person shops with concrete ideas to guide them, they may as well be going into it blindfolded. These are the top 3 auto insurance quote comparison points for all insurance shoppers.

In the case of deductibles, size matters. Higher deductibles yield smaller monthly payments, but a customer should first decide how much they’d be capable of paying out of pocket to care for damages. The perfectly set deductible is high enough to significantly decrease monthly payments, but just below “impossible” on the payment plausibility scale.

A Question of Coverage
Drivers interested in getting the best auto insurance quote should first consider the amount of coverage they need before comparing insurers. While most lenders will require that a customer carrying a car loan with them obtain full coverage, this is not a given. Insurance shoppers should check with their lenders for specifics in advance. Additionally, cost of vehicle replacement should be taken carefully into consideration prior to selecting coverage. Questions to ask include: how much is my vehicle worth? How much would it cost me to replace my car if it were totaled in an accident?

Google It
“Google it!” has become the standard remark in answer to anyone looking for information about, well, anything. In this case, prospective customers looking to find the most customer-friendly auto insurance provider are given the same advice. Compared to the old days, it’s simple to peer beneath the veneer to find out what customers are really saying about a company. But everyone’s got an axe to grind, and satisfied customers rarely take the time to publicly air their satisfaction—with that in mind, there’s always the Better Business Bureau (

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