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South Carolina Provides Grants for Hurricane Protection

The South Carolina Department of Insurance recently awarded 57 grants, totaling almost a quarter of a million dollars, to homeowners on the coast. The homeowners will use their grants to prepare their homes for hurricanes, which cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages in the region each year, as well as to get home insurance discounts.

Lower Home Insurance Policy Rates
As a direct consequence of the hurricane protection, recipients will be able to get home insurance at a lower rate than they could before. According to South Carolina Department of Insurance Director David Black, the better roofing systems purchased by the recipients of the grants could allow them to save up to 24 percent on their current premiums, or when they get home insurance in the future.

Better Protection Against Hurricane Damage
In addition to stronger roofing systems, the grants will also be used to protect properties from hurricane damages such as water intrusion and severe wind damages. According to Black, it’s essential that residents take measures to protect themselves and their properties, and get home insurance well before the hurricane season starts.

Don’t Wait to Get Home Insurance
Homeowners residing in areas threatened by hurricanes are best advised to get home insurance as soon as they purchase their properties. The costs of repairing damages caused by high winds, torrential rain, and flooding can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, which is practically impossible to raise for homeowners who don’t get home insurance in time. Homeowners who want to get home insurance that offers hurricane damage coverage can contact the National Hurricane Center for more advice and tips on constructing an emergency plan for when hurricanes hit.

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