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Protecting Your Home from Snow

With the winter season swiftly approaching, Americans in the northern half of the country are reluctantly preparing for the cold, snowy weather ahead. Part of this preparation involves adequate protection of the home against damaging snow build-up. There may be nothing we can do about the weather; however, there are many steps that homeowners can take to protect the home both before and after a snow storm in order to reduce damage in addition to reducing possible home insurance claims.

1. Clear Snow Build-up After a Storm

After a chaotic winter snow storm, you may be tempted to just leave the snow piled on the windows, doors and other areas of the home for several days after. For your protection, it's always best to immediately remove the snow from the doors and windows to ensure that the snow doesn't melt, enter your home and cause serious water damage.

2. Check Drains and Gutters

In preparation for a winter snow storm, always check the drains and gutters on your home to be sure they are clear of dirt and debris. By verifying that these areas are clean, you ensure your protection against clogs in the draining systems that may cause damage to the systems themselves in addition to your home.

3. Leave the Heat On

It may not seem like the most economically reasonable thing to do (especially considering how high the heating bill can get in the winter), but for maximum protection against plumbing accidents, it is always more pragmatic to leave the heat running at all times. Failure to leave the heat on can cause your pipes to freeze, which can likely make them burst and flood the home, causing damage that would certainly cost more than the small increase in the electric bill.

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