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Protect Your Biggest Investment with High Value Home Insurance

Buying the home of your dreams is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and when that dream home is worth a lot of money, you’ll need high value home insurance to make sure you’re protected financially in the event anything goes awry. Most regular home insurance policies are more than adequate for homes that are worth under half a million dollars. Storm damages, theft, and even replacement costs after a fire usually fall within the coverage limits of a regular home insurance policy. But when your home is worth more, it will also cost more to repair or replace it. And oftentimes, nice homes in affluent neighborhoods are prime targets for criminals who would like nothing more than to make off with your possessions.

What High Value Home Insurance Can Do for You

High value home insurance is specifically designed for homeowners whose homes are worth between $500,000 and $2 million. It offers comprehensive home insurance coverage with limits that go above and beyond those of regular homeowners insurance, while offering a host of other benefits to minimize the financial impact that potential losses or damages to your home can have. It insures personal possessions without depreciation and offers higher limits on valuables insurance than regular insurance. It provides financial protection for sewer and drain damages; full replacement cost coverage for your home’s structure and any outbuildings you have; and higher living expenses if you have to stay in temporary accommodations for the duration of repairs. You’ll get a cash settlement that covers your total financial loss if you choose not to rebuild. And because building codes can change during the time you own your home, your coverage will kick in to pay for any modifications you need to make to bring it up to code. It provides personal injury protection in case somebody sues you because they claim to have been injured on your property. In addition, it also covers the costs of electronic data restoration and quality identity theft and fraud protection. It’s clear that high value home insurance can offer you peace of mind that no matter what calamity hits, you’re fully protected.

Compare Home Insurance for the Best Protection

High value home insurance is offered by a number of insurance companies and each has its own specific terms, conditions, and deductible options. The fastest and most efficient way to find the best policy to insure your high-value home is to perform an online comparison. AgentInsure's tool allows you to request up to three quotes at a time so you can review each quote and choose which offers you the best coverage and payment options. If you need more information, you’ll also receive the contact details of a licensed insurance agent in your area who can answer all of your questions. Why not sit down and evaluate your insurance needs today? It’s easy, it’s free, and it can save you lots of cash!

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