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Majority of Consumers Are Satisfied with Online Insurance Quotes

Recent reports reveal that in the United Kingdom, over 85 percent of all homeowners are happy with researching online insurance quotes and purchasing their home insurance policies either from an insurance company’s website or from a comparison website. U.S. consumers seem to be following the same trend—and to their advantage. By cutting out the middleman, consumers no longer rely on insurance agents or brokers to explain their policies to them, but instead are forced to go right to the source. This means that nowadays, consumers spend more time reading their homeowners quote in order to fully understand the terms and conditions, coverage and limits.

Buying Insurance Based on Online Insurance Quotes

Consumers enjoy the convenience of using the Internet to request homeowners quotes, while appreciating the fact that they can buy insurance based on these quotes immediately, at any time of the day or night. Instead of waiting for an insurance agent to contact them and walk them through the process, consumers utilize one-click shopping at insurance comparison websites. This system takes the information submitted through a secure online form, processes it, and calculates as many as five instant and accurate homeowners quotes that the consumer receives by email. After reviewing the quotes, the consumer can simply click on the link in the email to purchase the policy of his choice. In the event he has questions or concerns, each quote contains the contact details of a live insurance agent who can explain the policies in-depth upon the consumer’s request.

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