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Homeowners Insurance for Antiques Collectors

Antiques collectors from around the nation gathered in Manhattan for the 57th Annual Winter Antiques Show from January 21st to January 30th. At the event, the Insurance Information Institute encouraged collectors to get trustworthy home insurance information and to review their home insurance terms.

Home insurance information shows that though most homeowner policies cover personal property, they also establish a value limit on the insured items. If you own several valuable possessions such as art, antiques, or jewelry, you might not be covered for the full amount in the event of a fire or theft. In order to correctly insure your valuables, you’ll need specialized home insurance information from an insurance agent who is well versed in arts and antiques, as well as protecting the estates of high-net-worth clients.

Before requesting any home insurance information, it’s smart to have your possessions professionally appraised so you can submit the appraisal to you insurance carrier. When reviewing your home insurance information, find out what the terms of reimbursement are in the event of theft or damage, and make sure you understand how much time you have to notify your insurance carrier of any new pieces you acquire. Also look for any terms dealing with annual appraisals, as values can change overnight in the world of arts and antiques.

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