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Home Insurance Cost in California Up 6.5 Percent

For homeowners in California, home insurance costs have risen 6.5 percent since May 2010. Reports show that new homeowners insurance polices that were sold in the state of California averaged $770 in May of this year. This is 6.5 percent more than twelve months earlier, when the average price of insurance premiums in California was $729. However, according to insurance companies, the rate increase in the Golden State is relatively low compared to other hurricane-prone and coastal areas, where homeowners face insurance rates of over $1,000 per year. This is likely to rise even more over the next twelve months based on this year’s exorbitant damages due to hurricanes and other severe weather.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes Are Largely Determined by Location

Nowadays, homeowners insurance quotes are in large part determined by how safe a community is, how close a home is to a fire and police station, and whether a home is close to the coast or not. In California, earthquakes are an added risk, and those homeowners who purchase earthquake insurance are often looking at approximately the same insurance rates for this policy as they already pay in basic home insurance costs.

Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes

In order to get the best coverage at the lowest possible rates, consumers are advised to compare homeowners insurance quotes online with a trustworthy insurance comparison site such as AgentInsure. AgentInsure provides up to five accurate estimates of a consumer’s home insurance cost immediately upon submitting all relevant information, and provides direct policy purchasing options for the consumer’s convenience.

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