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Fire-Proofing Your Home

Taking extra precautions to protect your home from the devastating effects of a house fire is not only beneficial for your safety, but for your wallet as well. Many insurance companies grant discounts and special privileges to a homeowner who takes extra measures to fireproof the home and reduce the risk of a fire. If you are a homeowner who is interested in creating a fireproof home to reduce the cost of home insurance and enhance safety, consider the following helpful tips to make your home a safer place.

1. Smoke Alarms

Installing smoke alarms in your home has proven to dramatically reduce the amount of house fires that occur each year. This is because smoke alarms can detect the slightest bit of smoke and will alert you before the fire spreads to an unmanageable size. The more smoke alarms a homeowner has in the home, the more discounts your insurance provider will offer.

2. Fire Extinguishers

If you want to truly fireproof your home, you have to be prepared to fight a fire quickly in case it ignites. Sink water just doesn't cut it for quick extinguishing, but a fire extinguisher will suffocate the flames quicker than ever and on a large scale. A homeowner should keep multiple fire extinguishers in easily accessible areas of the home to ensure quick extinction of all types of house fires.

3. Consistently Check Your Home For Fire Hazards

Many house fires occur from mistakes that could have been avoided if the homeowner were more attentive to the fire hazards in the home. One of the best ways to fireproof the home is by simply analyzing it for these hazards and re-organizing the home to eliminate hazards. For example, clear the area surrounding electrical sockets, heating vents, lamps, stoves, fireplacesand other areas that could potentially start a fire if placed too close to a flammable object. Smoke outdoors only and extinguish cigarettes with water or sand just to be safe.

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