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Changing Home Insurance, or Changing Your Habits?

Changing homeowners insurance might find you a better deal on a home insurance coverage plan elsewhere, but it’s changing your habits that’ll really make a difference in your life. Don’t worry, nobody’s going to start preaching to you about the virtues of exercise or the dangers of fast food. But we might just try to slip in a quick life lesson while we’re talking about home insurance, if that’s okay with you.

Ask yourself this question: what’s the best way to make sure that you never have to exercise your home insurance coverage plan? By staying out of the path of natural disasters and those of a distinctly home bred type. While there’s nothing you can do to alter the weather that surrounds you – apart from moving far away, where you’ll likely put yourself at risk for some other type of natural disaster – there is certainly something you can do about those “home bred” disasters.

Fire is one of the most common causes of home destruction in the United States. Aside from the danger it presents to your home and belongings, having this fate befall you can be far more disastrous than a simple loss of home and hearth. In order to ensure the safety of your family and neighbors, follow these tips to ensure your home isn’t a bonfire waiting to happen.

  • Only use candles if you’re going to be in the room at all times to keep an eye on them. People don’t generally like the idea of having to babysit a candle, but when you consider the fact that unattended candles play one of the biggest parts in home fires, you begin to understand the importance of doing so.
  • If you’re going to cook, stay in the kitchen. People love to cook and do other things, whether that’s watch TV, vacuum, get online to check email, or even take a nap. But unattended stovetops are the biggest cause of house fires and a guarantee that you’ll be calling your insurance agent sometime soon to report an “incident.”
  • Don’t overburden your home’s wall sockets with power strips. If you live in an older home, this is an even bigger no-no as you could end up causing an electrical fire that won’t be as easy to put out and that could result in total destruction of your home.
  • If you smoke, do it outdoors and always use a can of water to ensure you don’t leave any burning embers lying around that could light your house up.

Everyone talks about the need to compare homeowner insurance on a regular basis. But changing homeowners insurance won’t save you from suffering an ill fate if the habits that you have and the actions that you take are constantly putting you, your family, and your house in danger. If you’ve gotten away scott-free so far, that’s not to say your luck can’t change. Start today by implementing some of the suggestions listed above, which will greatly decrease the chances that you’ll ever have to use your home insurance coverage policy.

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