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Avoiding Insurance Claims on my Home

Keeping you and your family safe is one of the obvious benefits of avoiding insurance claims on your home, but you are also setting yourself up to save money in the future. Insurance costs increase when you make claims, which is why it is beneficial for all homeowners to only file a claim when it is absolutely necessary. Consider the following important tips to avoid insurance claims on your home.

1. Hurricane Preparedness

If your home is close to the coast, make sure your family is always adequately prepared for a hurricane to strike. Protect and reinforce the roof, doors, stairs, and shutters well before the hurricane is expected to hit. Have a disaster supply kit on hand with food, water, blankets, clothing, first aid items, toiletry items, and other necessities you and your family will need in case of an emergency.

2. Winter Weather Protection

In the cold and snowy winter season, you want to make sure your home is protected to avoid as much damage as possible so filing a claim doesn't have to interrupt your holiday celebrations. Install a home lightning protection system and make sure to use surge protectors to keep your home's electric system safe from sudden power outages. If a snow storm is approaching, unplug the electronic items in the home to avoid long term damage.

3. Reduce Dog Bite Risks

One of the more common liability issues with homeowners insurance are dog bite claims occurring on the property of the homeowner. Make sure your dog is always updated on his or her required vaccinations and always keep the dog on a leash when you are out in the front yard. Practice non-aggressive activities with your dog, such as playing fetch or Frisbee.

4. Prevent Burglary

Naturally, you will want to prevent home burglary to keep your belongings safe, but it also helps the insurance company when you take extra measures to ensure your home's safety. Install a burglar alarm system to protect your home from break-ins while you are sleeping or away. To discourage burglars from approaching your home at night, keep a light on around your home at all times.

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