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Avoid Claims on Your Homeowners Insurance Policy During the Summer

If you plan to go on vacation during the summer months, it’s essential to take measures to prevent break-ins in your home and resulting claims to your homeowners insurance policy. Each year from June to August, most home and auto insurance companies see an increase in claims of between 13 and 31%. That’s why a number of insurance companies encourage consumers to educate themselves about crime prevention during the summer months.

How to Keep Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Rates Low
Though your homeowners insurance policy is made up of both property and home insurance liability, you’re more likely to get a rate hike due to a property claim than a liability claim. In the unfortunate event that you return from your vacation to find out that your home has been burgled and your collection of antique silver is missing, you’ll probably also wind up paying higher rates once your claim has been processed. In addition, if the same burglars go on a crime spree in your neighborhood and target a number of houses, the crime rate in your area rises and everybody in your zip code will eventually see a rate increase.

To avoid these scenarios, consumers are encouraged to be pro-active in keeping their homes secure. Installing a good home security system with armed response is always key to keeping your homeowners insurance policy rates low. In addition, it can help to use timers on your lighting system, have your mail put on hold for the duration of your vacation and keep the number of people who know you’re away to a minimum. In addition to these measures, comparing insurance regularly can help you find the best coverage for the lowest rates.

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