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What Every Driver Needs to Know About Uninsured Motorist Coverage

For responsible drivers in the United States, uninsured motorist coverage isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. With car insurance rates increasing more and more while many people are struggling to make ends meet, the number of uninsured motorists is rising rapidly. The Insurance Research Council estimated that one in six drivers across the nation was uninsured in 2010, and expects that percentage to rise in 2011.

Why You Need It
Unfortunately, drivers who don’t carry insurance aren’t placing just themselves at risk, but also everybody else on the road. None of us want to be involved in an accident, but no matter how well we drive, we’re not always in control. Imagine being involved in a collision on the highway. Of course, even if a police report is made, you should always get the other driver’s contact details and insurance information. If he or she is at fault but doesn’t have insurance or has missed payments, you can wind up paying thousands of dollars in property damages and medical bills—unless you have uninsured motorist insurance.

What it Covers
If the other driver is proven to be at fault, your uninsured motorist coverage pays for repairs to your car up to the amount you’re insured, and, if you include it in your policy, for a rental car while your own is in the shop. In the event that you’ve been injured in the accident, uninsured motorist coverage takes care of your medical bills and more. If you miss work due to your injuries, this coverage can compensate a large portion of your lost wages, and when you need additional counseling to deal with post-traumatic stress, it can cover this without you ever having to use your health care coverage. Bear in mind though, that if you were at fault in the accident, it doesn’t matter whether the other driver is insured or not—you are liable for the damages.

It’s clear that paying a slightly higher premium each month for uninsured motorist coverage can save you thousands of dollars, and gives you peace of mind whenever you’re on the road. Before you add uninsured motorist coverage to your car insurance policy, it’s a good idea to compare rates by getting quotes from a number of insurance companies.

Shop Around
Even if you’re satisfied with your current insurance, there’s nothing wrong with shopping around for deals. AgentInsure can put you directly in contact with a licensed agent in your area who understands your individual needs and will help you find the best uninsured motorist coverage for you. You can discuss how many drivers and vehicles you want included, and how to decide on an affordable monthly premium without risking a high deductible. At AgentInsure, getting a free quote is simple and fast, and you’ll have all your questions clearly answered so you can make an informed decision.

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