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Understanding Your Car Insurance Coverage

Prompted by inquiries from concerned drivers about damages to their vehicles due to winter driving hazards, the New York Insurance Department recently advised drivers to carefully review their auto insurance policies to understand the extent of their car insurance coverage. Many drivers with dents and dings, wrecked axels, and scraped undercarriages due to hazards such as falling branches, crossing deer, and potholes, did not know whether their car insurance coverage would pay for repairs and had turned to the Insurance Department for help.

Resolving Insurance Issues
Insurance Superintendent James Wrynn advised that, “Consumers can help themselves by understanding what their policy covers and what is excluded from coverage. They should also know that they can turn to the Insurance Department if they need help with an automobile insurance issue they cannot resolve themselves.” He went on to say that drivers, especially those who deal with the challenges of winter driving, should take the time to review all aspects of their car insurance coverage. If they have any questions about their car insurance coverage, they should first turn to their insurance carrier before seeking the Insurance Department’s intervention.

Car Insurance Coverage for Winter Driving Hazards
For drivers in the colder states where winter driving can become hazardous, it’s recommended to include comprehensive car insurance coverage in their auto insurance policies. This type of car insurance coverage is particularly useful when damages are not due to collisions, but rather to other circumstances that can still lead to costly repairs or even vehicle replacement.

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