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There's Nothing Accidental About Comprehensive Car Insurance

Every driver knows, no matter how well you take care of your car, unexpected and random events can damage your vehicle and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Weather, vandalism, and even rocks bouncing up off the road can cause severe damage to your vehicle. In cases like these, adequate car insurance coverage is the one thing that will allow you to pay for all of the damages. Insurance companies offer what’s known as comprehensive car insurance to cover all these scenarios and more. Just like other forms of comprehensive insurance coverage protect you and your property from practically every calamity, comprehensive car insurance covers you for nearly everything that can go wrong in relation to your car, including theft, fire, natural disasters, and acts of God.

What Comprehensive Car Insurance Doesn’t Cover
Though it covers you for nearly everything under the sun, comprehensive car insurance does not cover you in the event of a car accident. Car accidents are covered by collision insurance policies, which are separate from comprehensive car insurance policies. Collision insurance policies cover any damages resulting from an accident, whether you caused it or not. The advantage of collision insurance is that it kicks in pretty quickly, even if you’re embroiled in drawn-out legal proceedings against another driver. In addition, if you crash your car into a fence or a tree and the damages aren’t covered by your comprehensive car insurance, your collision insurance covers damages up to the market value of your vehicle before the incident.

How to Get Maximum Insurance Coverage
To make it easier for drivers who want maximum coverage, most insurance carriers offer comprehensive car insurance policies along with collision insurance policies. Of course, getting both comprehensive and collision insurance will significantly increase monthly payments—but in the event of unforeseen damages to your car or an accident, you’ll know why you paid your premiums all those months. Just think about it—is it really worth spending the least possible amount of money on only the state minimum required car insurance, or is it worth paying the extra dollars on comprehensive car insurance and collision insurance to get maximum peace of mind?

Finding the Best Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
So you’ve done your research and you’re ready to add comprehensive car insurance to your overall car insurance policy, but how do you find the best deal? That’s where AgentInsure can help. For the past decade, AgentInsure has been helping consumers across the nation compare insurance quotes and select the one that works best for each individual's situation. To find the best deals on comprehensive car insurance, simply request your free quotes from AgentInsure. The easy online system allows you to review and compare each comprehensive car insurance quote so you can take note of the differences, and decide which offers you the best coverage for the most affordable premium. With AgentInsure, you can be sure to find the best deals on comprehensive car insurance!

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