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Same-Sex Couples Compare Car Insurance Quotes

This summer, New York became the eighth state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage. And recently, some of the nation's leading insurance carriers announced that in these eight states, they would calculate auto insurance for same-sex married couples, as well as civil unions and domestic partnerships, based on the same criteria as those for other married couples. For many newlyweds, this means that it's time to compare auto insurance quotes and get a reduction on car insurance rates. Being married can save drivers up to ten, and in some cases even fifteen percent on car insurance premiums, as insurers expect married drivers to be more likely to drive responsibly and less likely to be involved in accidents. In addition, households with more than one car often qualify for a discount as insurance companies calculate their mileage to be lower per car than in roommate situations, which is how same-sex unions were previously qualified.

Car Insurance Comparison 101

Even couples that are satisfied with their individual insurance policies are advised to compare car insurance quotes once they enter into a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership. A car insurance comparison should start with a quote from the current insurance company that reflects the changed situation. Next, couples should request car insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies, which is best done through a car insurance comparison site. Though not all insurance carriers will give discounts for same sex marriages, careful review of the quotes will reveal which insurance policy offers the best coverage at the lowest rates, while still reflecting the couple's new marital status.

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