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Safety Tips for Driving in Snow

Since most car accidents occur in the winter, it's especially important for drivers to take extra precautions when driving in snow. The most important objective should be to get to your destination safely, as opposed to just on time, to keep you focused on the road instead of elsewhere. The following safety tips will help you drive safer this winter and avoid auto accidents on the dangerous, snowy roads.

1. Prepare Your Car

The obvious place to start would be with your vehicle. If your car is prepared for the snow, then so are you. Before going anywhere, check your car's battery, ignition, brakes, wiring, air, fuel and emission filters, antifreeze levels, etc. Try to check the car as often as possible since dysfunction can be a major factor in an auto accident. Be sure to double check the tires as well for proper air fill and tread so your car can handle mounds of snow, if necessary.

2. Make Sure You Can See

One of the worst hazards for driving in snow is not being able to see the road ahead of you. Replace the windshield wiper blades as often as necessary and clean the inside of the window thoroughly. Apply your windshield with a special snow shedding treatment, such as Rain-X, to keep your windshield in a good position to keep snow off.

3. Turn on the Air Conditioner

Since frost and condensation on your auto vehicle are inevitable, be sure to turn on the air conditioning before starting the car to remove any excess snow. Since the cold weather may make the air conditioner uncomfortable, be sure to adjust the temperature to a warmer, more comfortable setting. This can also be accomplished with the defrost setting of the car as well.

4. Check the Headlights and Taillights

Lights are vital to driving safely in the snow because visibility is usually at a minimum in these situations. Make sure all snow and frost is cleared off of both the headlights and taillights. To keep snow from piling up, invest in a special kind of clear tape that auto-racers use for their vehicles, which can be found at auto-racing supply sites.

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