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Personal Injury Protection: Don’t Drive Without It

Being involved in a collision that results in severe physical injuries is every driver’s nightmare. Yet no matter how careful we are on the roads, accidents happen. This is where personal injury protection coverage can be a lifesaver. No matter whose fault an accident is, personal injury protection can cover the medical bills for both you and your passengers.

The No-Fault Advantage
This no-fault aspect provides bodily injury coverage regardless of the cause of the accident. Additionally, the no-fault aspect allows the insurance coverage to kick in quickly to financially support the victims of the accident much sooner than other forms of insurance.

Medical Coverage and More
Personal injury protection can also cover medical expenses for those in the vehicle who don’t have medical insurance, and can even help pay for other expenses such as wages lost due to injury, dental bills, hospice care, home cleaning, or in the most tragic cases, funeral expenses. Depending on which state you live in, personal injury protection can cover up to 75 or 80 percent of medical expenses. And that’s not all. There are even more advantages to having good personal injury protection coverage.

Even if you’re not driving, and get hit by a vehicle while walking, your personal injury protection will cover your medical bills. Or if you’re in an accident while driving a friend’s car, your coverage might be necessary to cover the costs if the damages exceed the limits of your friend’s insurance.

Coverage Guidelines
Personal injury protection is not mandatory in most states, but it’s advisable to add this type of coverage to your existing car insurance. How much personal injury protection coverage you need depends on your own specific circumstances, but there are a number of guidelines to follow.

  • If you often drive other people and they are not insured under your medical insurance, you’re best advised to get personal injury protection coverage.
  • Check your existing policies for double ups on liability and medical insurance so you can choose the correct level of personal injury protection for you.
  • If you don’t have a lot of medical and liability insurance, and you have a young family or other dependents, carrying good personal injury protection offers peace of mind in the event of an accident.

To find the best personal injury protection coverage that works for your circumstances, request a free quote from AgentInsure. They will put you in touch with a qualified insurance agent in your area, who can help you review your existing insurance policies and advise you on your options. Because AgentInsure connects you with agents familiar with state requirements for car insurance and understand your individual needs for insurance coverage, they can select the best options for you and explain exactly how each works. With AgentInsure, you get the best coverage tailored specifically for you.

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