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Older Cars Experiencing a Spike in Auto Theft

There’s a somewhat distressing piece of news making the rounds that could cause your car insurance coverage rates to rise and make you question the safety of that old “beater” you’ve been driving to combat the rising cost of gas. The news? The insurance industry says that they’ve been receiving a higher number of claims for stolen vehicles that are 20 years or older, and that cars in this category are now more frequently stolen than newer cars.

Before you go kicking yourself for getting rid of your custom 2009 Jetta for an ’89 Cavalier, bear in mind that nobody’s urging car owners to “sell old, buy new.” The tried and true methods of limiting your car’s susceptibility to being swiped remain the most effective deterrents.

  • Installing an anti-theft alarm or putting a flashing LED light somewhere visible that will at least give a thief second thoughts about making your vehicle the object of their attention.
  • Keeping valuables out of sight, in the trunk, or out of your car altogether.
  • Locking your doors and rolling up the windows anytime you leave your car unattended, even on hot days.
  • Installing a GPS tracking system that will help the police locate your car if it’s been stolen.
  • Parking in well-lit public areas.

As always, common sense wins out. If you’re concerned that your car insurance coverage premiums may experience a jump if you just so happen to own the “flavor of the month” according to the insatiable palates of car thieves, having an alarm and GPS tracking device installed will help you secure the lowest car insurance rates possible.

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