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New Tax Incentive to Buy Electric Cars

In recent years, the U.S. Government has been giving every driver who bought an electric car a $7,500 tax credit to stimulate the use of low and zero emissions vehicles. Now the government is looking to amp up the incentive by offering a tax rebate to electric car drivers immediately at the dealership, instead of making them wait for tax filing time.

Professional Car Insurance Advice Helps Drivers Choose Wisely
Drivers who are in the market for a new car are best advised to get sound car insurance advice before making their choice. With governments, car manufacturers, and car insurance carriers looking for environmentally responsible driving solutions to reduce overall engine emission output, professional car insurance advice can help consumers make informed decisions about what types of cars qualify for not only tax incentives, but also lower insurance premiums. For example, good insurance tips and sound car insurance advice can inform drivers how much they can save on their premiums for both electric cars and hybrids. With professional car insurance advice, consumers can compare the different insurance premiums for the models they’re interested in and make a sound financial decision based on a number of factors, including tax rebates and insurance discounts.

AgentInsure for Reliable Car Insurance Advice
AgentInsure is one of the most trusted names in the car insurance comparison industry. For drivers looking at the financial ramifications of buying a new car, AgentInsure provides rapid and realistic car insurance advice. If you’re thinking of buying an electric or hybrid car, go to AgentInsure today to get free quotes and reliable car insurance advice!

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