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Is it a Myth or Fact that Red Cars Cost More to Insure?

When you are considering the purchase of a new vehicle, you want to take time to consider the impact on your insurance policy. Among the myths that may worry you is the idea that red cars are more expensive to insure than other colors. It is a myth that your red car will cost more to insure. The fact is that the color of the vehicle is irrelevant to the cost of your policy.

Roots of the Myth

The idea that your auto coverage will increase due to the color of the vehicle stems from the stereotype that certain colors suggest an individual is more likely to drive recklessly. Although vehicle color does give a glimpse into the driver’s personality and color preferences, it does not actually suggest that an individual is reckless or is more likely to get involved in an accident.

Stereotypes come from one or two extremes, which result in long-standing myths. The insurance rate is not impacted by color or the appearance of the vehicle. The cost of the coverage is ultimately decided by other factors.

Factors that Impact Your Rates

The price you pay to protect your vehicle from expensive repairs ultimately stems from your credit score, driving history and the type of vehicle you drive. A vehicle that has more expensive parts or that is considered a luxury car is more likely to cost you than a vehicle that is easy and cost-effective to fix.

If you have a bad credit rating, then you are likely to see a higher premium. The reason is that your credit score suggests that the insurance company is taking a risk that you will not pay for the policy. Credit rating shows responsible behavior, so you want to check your score before applying for a new policy.

The final factor that can impact your rate is the driving records. If you have tickets for reckless driving or you were involved in an accident, then you can expect a higher premium. Accidents and reckless driving in your past suggest that you are a riskier driver than others.

Getting the Best Rates

The only way to get the best rates for your vehicle is comparison shopping. Generate an instant online quote on this website or contact your local agent. Compare the coverage and the cost when you are trying to select the appropriate option for your needs.

Although the color of your vehicle is not a factor in the pricing, you do need to pay attention to your record and the type of vehicle when you want a lower rate. If you feel that you are overpaying for coverage, then you can look for another insurer to find more competitive rates.

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