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In Florida, Cops are Cracking Down on Car Insurance Fraud Rings

Recent raids by police in the Tampa Bay, Florida area are shedding light on a serious problem that’s plaguing the car insurance industry and having a negative impact on the ability of law abiding citizens to buy auto insurance at low prices.

According to statistics, incidents of staged car accidents in Tampa Bay are much higher than they are anywhere else. One of the reasons for this is said to be Florida’s existing PIP law, which stands for Personal Injury Protection, and guarantees as much as $10,000 in medical payments for every person injured in a car accident, no matter who’s to blame for it.

The crime ring that was recently targeted by Florida police involved several medical clinics that were allegedly organizing staged accidents and falsifying medical diagnoses in order to receive payments from car insurance companies.

The efforts of Florida police (an investigation that was nicknamed “Operation No Pain, No Gain”) is expected to send a clear message to the practitioners of fraudulent insurance claims that such actions won’t be tolerated on any level. It also serves as a reassuring move by law enforcement to secure fair and affordable prices for people who buy car insurance. Even more important, it stresses the responsibility that law abiding drivers everywhere have to regularly shop around for accurate insurance quotes, since crackdowns like these can impact insurance rates positively.

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