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Hole in One: Free Car and Cheap Auto Insurance for First Ace

It’s not every day you’re given a free car and unexpectedly need cheap car insurance, but recently, this happened to one lucky resident of South Carolina. The gentleman in question hit a hole-in-one during a relaxed weekend game of golf… and to his surprise, was immediately presented with the papers to a brand new SUV, which had been donated by a generous insurance carrier for the first ace of the day. According to the golfer, who was accompanied by three friends, he didn’t even see where the ball landed after the shot, but excited whoops and shouts from those standing by the hole said it all. Within minutes, he was the proud owner of a 2011 Ford Expedition, and charged with buying drinks for his friends to celebrate.

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance for New SUVs
Of course, buying, or in this case, receiving a brand new car also means getting adequate insurance as quickly as possible. Auto insurance comparison sites like AgentInsure, one of the nation’s leading comparison websites, assist drivers by providing them with easy car insurance quotes. Instead of approaching a number of different insurance carriers one by one, drivers can request quotes from multiple insurance carriers. The requested quotes appear on their screens instantly, and are also sent by email so drivers can review them at their leisure before choosing the policy that offers them the best coverage, the lowest premiums and the most affordable deductibles. And a simple click of the mouse on the quote of their choice allows them to start the process of purchasing cheap auto insurance, so they have adequate coverage at a competitive price with maximum convenience.

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