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Getting Lower Car Insurance Quotes For New Or Young Drivers

There is a lot to consider when new or young drivers begin shopping for a car insurance quote. Finding affordable car insurance for new and young drivers is no easy task. Auto insurance companies usually charge higher auto insurance premiums for younger, less experienced drivers. Young drivers can take certain steps to ensure that they will receive the lowest car insurance quote possible when shopping for auto coverage.

Responsible Driving

A younger driver can receive a lower car insurance quote just by practicing responsible driving while they have their learners permit. Staying within posted speed limits, avoiding tickets and doing whatever they can to avoid car accidents will give young drivers a clean driving record that looks better to auto insurance companies. Clean driving records are rewarded by the insurance companies with lower car insurance premiums.

Taking a Driving Class

Along with a clean driving record, young drivers should take a driving class. By taking a defensive driving or driving safety class, they will get a better car insurance quote from an insurance company. These classes prove to the insurance company that they are safe drivers. Being serious about safe driving can save up to $250 a year on auto insurance premiums.

Safe Vehicle

Young drivers may want their first car to be a sports car or a fancy sports utility vehicle (SUV), but insurance companies usually give a higher car insurance quote for these vehicles. Newer, more expensive cars cost more due to costly parts and expensive repair bills. A young driver can receive a lower insurance premium by opting to drive a more modest and safe vehicle. The more safety features that come with the car, the lower car insurance payment.

Shop for Discounts

Once you have received a car insurance quote, don't forget to ask your car insurance provider for any discounts. Many companies offer good student and low-mileage discounts. The good student discount is reserved for young drivers who achieve academic excellence and can provide verification to their insurance agent. Receiving the good student discount is a win-win. Not only will you be paying a lower insurance premium, but parents will be impressed with a good report card. The low-mileage discount is for young drivers who do not drive that often, or only use the vehicle to and from school and need affordable car insurance without having to cut coverage.

If a young driver is still unable to afford insurance coverage on their own, they may consider staying on their parents' policy as long as they live in the household. Most insurance companies offer a lower car insurance quote to young drivers who remain on their parents' policy.

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