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Car Insurance Coverages You Probably Didn’t Know You Had

Car insurance prices aren’t cheap, but who says they should be? Everyone wants discount car insurance—but the reality is, you’re paying a relatively small premium to have a third party bail you out financially if you’re involved in an accident or your car gets stolen. And that’s not all you’re paying for, either. Here are a couple of coverages the average insured driver doesn’t even know they have.

Bad Friend Insurance
Anyone who’s ever loaned their keys to a friend and fretted over their decision until the car’s been returned safely knows the kind of worry that comes from the uncertainty of wondering who’ll pay for damages if the undesirable occurs. But rest easy—the standard car insurance policy covers you and anyone else you’ve given permission to drive your car, even if that person has their own insurance. The only down side is that the accident could result in an increase in your premium, not to mention the fact you’ll have to pay to meet any deductible you have set in place. The best advice: be choosy about who you give your keys to.

Legal Counsel
One of the scariest things about being involved in an accident next to experiencing bodily injury is the fear of being sued. Fortunately, if someone goes after you in a court of law for damages you caused, your insurance company will provide you with legal defense. They will also pay any damages awarded, up to the limits of your insurance policy.

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